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Delicate Decoupage  Kazuri Earrings

Delicate Decoupage Kazuri Earrings

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Delicate Decoupage Kazuri Earrings

These unique, asymmetrical earrings feature handcrafted, ceramic, Kazuri beads, crafted exclusively by women in Narobi. No two beads are exactly alike. Show off your style with these limited edition earrings that are sure to draw attention.

Earrings Stats: An at-a-glance list of the most important things you need to know when deciding if these earrings are ones you need in your life.

  • Total length: 3 inches
  • Width at widest: .5 inches
  • Total Weight: .46 oz
  • Hook Metal: hypoallergenic brass
  • Bead/stone/ composition:  ceramic, recycled glass,  onyc, brass
  • Bead Origins: Kenya, Ghana, US 
  • Colors: burgundy, tan, forest, brown, metallic brass
  • When to wear: Day, After Hours, Evening 

Want custom pieces to accompany these? Just say the word. Use the contact form on the site or feel free to email us directly at with questions or special requests. We are happy to work with you! 

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