Orange Antique African Brass Ring Earrings (Made to Order)

Orange Antique African Brass Ring Earrings (Made to Order)

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Orange Antique African Brass Ring Earrings (Made to order)

These petite earrings are made with Ethiopian brass rings and citrus striped Venetian "watermelon" beads. Watermelon beads were made in the 19th century and traded in Ghana (and other African countries). Intact beads do not often surface in American markets and so only a few of these earrings will be available.   In a previous life, these beautiful beads were well used and handled. You may find variances in these earrings such as tiny scratches and dings.  

Earrings Stats: An at-a-glance list of the most important things you need to know when deciding if these earrings are ones you need in your life.

  • Total length: 2 inches
  • Width at widest: .25 inches
  • Total Weight: .2 oz
  • Hook Metal: hypoallergenic brass
  • Bead/stone/ composition: recycled glass, brass
  • Bead Origins: Venice, Ghana, Kenya, US
  • Colors: orange, yellow, white, metallic brass
  • When to wear: Day, After Hours, Evening 
  • Ships 7- 10 days after purchase

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