Birthday Collection: Cancer Season | July 25


It began with a problem. I kept looking for the kind of refined, eclectic, Afrobohemian jewelry I really wanted to wear to no avail. Certainly, there was African-inspired jewelry available, but much of it lacked the bohemian design aesthetic that fit my taste and style as an Communication and Media Studies professor. I wanted pieces that could say a lot without doing a lot, to be distinctive while remaining wearable. I wanted a jewelry wardrobe that reflected my tastes, my passions, my culture, my research interests and so I began to make my own, sourcing authentic, African materials, curating and refining my work as my knowledge and skill developed. Eventually, I decided to share my work and Aisha Likes It came to life.

 Aisha Likes It is home to African-inspired jewelry curated towards a bohemian aesthetic created with both ethically sourced materials from throughout the African diaspora and traditional semi-precious stones. Each piece is designed to make a statement. 

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