How It All Began

     It began with a problem. I kept looking for the kind of refined, eclectic, Afrobohemian jewelry I really wanted to wear to no avail. Certainly, there was Africa-inspired jewelry available, but much of it lacked the bohemian design aesthetic that fit my taste and style as an African American literature professor. I wanted pieces that could say a lot without doing a lot. My jewelry needed to standout and be distinctive while remaining wearable. Now there was some, not much, jewelry that fit the bill, but it fell far outside my ability to pay. It was costly, very costly. Buying it meant having a jewelry wardrobe that could not have a foundation in afrobohemian pieces. That just didn't work for me. I wanted a jewelry wardrobe that reflected my tastes, my passions, my culture, my research interests. And so I began to make my own, sourcing authentic, African diasporic materials,curating and refining my work as my knowledge and skill developed. Eventually, I decided to share my work and Aisha Likes It came into existence.

    Aisha Likes it is home to African-inspired jewelry curated towards a bohemian aesthetic created with both ethically sourced materials from throughout the African diaspora and traditional semi-precious stones. Each piece is designed to make a statement at a fair price.